Argus Holdings Group was founded by Adam Stern and Michael Ray. After completing over $40 Million in transactions,  it became apparent, as investors themselves that they had to work around traditional Real Estate companies, brokers, and their agents in order to expedite the process and consummate transactions .  By design,  Argus Holdings Group demands "corporate" level professionalism at all stages of real estate and business transactions. With offices located in Corpus Christi and Dallas-Ft. Worth, we are strategically situated to handle the entire state of Texas.

We are a full service Business Broker.  In addition to helping you buy and sell Real Estate, we can help you buy a business or sell your business as well.  

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As a holdings and real estate company, we are constantly searching the market for investment opportunities. If you would like to consider selling your corporate or private assets, give us a call.


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Doesn't your business and real estate portfolio demand the same attention as the rest of your investments?​​

Argus Holdings Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Argus Aerospace Technology, Inc.  

Keep more of your money.   As investors ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your commission costs down. We provide great service and preferred rates for our select clients.

At Argus Holdings Group, a commercial real estate and business broker, we know the importance of your portfolio. We provide a refreshing no-nonsense, corporate approach that speaks to the professional investors' needs. Whether it be commercial property, ranch land, or investment property or brokering your business, we bring the knowledge, experience and attention that you expect and more importantly deserve.  

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Corpus Christi, Texas is experiencing  tremendous growth.  The port made history in December by exporting the first shipment of crude oil in over 40 years.  The Port of Corpus Christi is the eighth largest port in the country and is fueling exponential growth in the region.  We stand by to assist international companies and individuals explore the great values that exist in and around South Texas.  

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